2017 Grind Stats We Can’t Wait to Share

The 2017 stats are in for Grind Coffee!

We took stock, checked our bean counters and tallied any spilt milk.

Read on for 3 amazing stats we’re proud of this year…

2017 Grind Stats

Before we begin… 

We want to say a BIG thank-you to all our supporters this year! We love giving you your Half-Shot, Double-Shot and Daily Grind Experiences… it’s such a treat to see our Satisfaction Principle come to life with your brands every day. 2018 bookings have already started – so we’re well on our way to more incredible stats next year!

Incredible Stat #1: Tanks of Milk

For some – a strong, tall coffee is best served dark. But for those who like their coffee’s creamy, our delicious latte’s and frothy cappaccinos need milk. And apparently, a lot of it.

This year, we served a whopping 26 256l of milk

What does that look like in real terms?

  • That’s just over 13 000 bottles of milk if we bought the regular 2l bottles!
  • Or to blow your mind even more… we’d almost be able to fill 12 of the 2200l JoJo rainwater tanks!

Incredible Stat #2: A Forward Pack of Coffee

Our coffee gets us up and at it in the morning. And by the volumes we moved this year, it did the same for the customers who had Grind Experiences too!

This year, we moved an awesome 1 246kg of coffee

What does that look like in real terms?

  • For wildlife fans out there, that’s roughly as much as 7 male lions worth of coffee!
  •  Rugby fans? We’re looking at 1.5x the weight of the Springboks forward pack!


Incredible Stat #3: Stadiums of Cups

And of course, the big question we were keen to answer – how many cups of coffee did we serve? How many real people did we interact with, delight, surprise and give an incredible Grind Experience to?

This year, we moved an amazing 121 280 cups

What does that look like in real terms?

  • We could have filled Soccer City in Joburg AND Newlands Stadium in Cape Town at the same time with the people who had a Grind Experience from us this year (and still had 500 people left over)!
  • We could have given the entire population of the Cayman Islands not one but TWO Grind Experiences with that many cups being moved!

Grind Coffee Stats


What an incredible year! Get in on the action for 2018 by booking your Grind Experience with us today.
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