5 Ideas To Make Your Coffee Events Shine

Some coffee events just have that certain something

You can see it in the little things, the small details, that something extra

Some people just know how to bring the ‘wow’ factor


Grind Coffee

Yes! Time to be EXTRA! 

If there was ever a time to be oh-so-extra… that time is at your next big event. Come on! You’ve spent weeks planning, getting the suppliers right, organizing the venue, the speakers, managing the RSVPs and working out the event activities. Making sure that things go smoothly on the day is just one part of it. So, make your coffee events shine by giving it that little something MORE on the day.



Idea 1: The Invite

Let’s be honest. We all get far too many emails in a day. In fact, the likelihood of anyone spending time reading your email invite with any real interest is slim. How about a hand delivery? Hire a varsity student for the day and send him/her out wearing a suit and carrying your stack of envelopes to event attendees. The student will make some extra cash AND you’ll make an impression on your guests.



Idea 2: The Welcome

Far too often, the reception area of an event is not clearly marked and guests end up mingling outside or far from where you want them to be. Make sure to welcome guests at the door to the event by placing your branding in key areas and using directional signage to your venue area. Finally, use attentive staff in key areas to direct guests to the venue!

Tip: Selfie culture is REAL and great for your brand if you place large pull-up banners and screens in key areas!


Ingredient 3: The Coffee Bar

The days of serving hot water and instant coffee on metal tables are over. Give your event attendees that extra special attention by serving them cups of great coffees, cappaccinos and lattes – all of which can be served in cups that have your brand on them! Grind Coffee specializes in coffee events which means we turn around fully custom-branded coffee bars really fast. Our vibey baristas bring as much energy as their coffee expertise to the event. Consequently, our bars always look fantastic and bring that ‘extra’ we’ve been talking about.


Grind Coffee

Idea 4: The Table 

Here’s some more real talk: your guests aren’t going to be engrossed in your event every minute of every hour of your event. To keep them occupied and off their phones, put quick brain teasers on their tables to keep them awake. Print out easy Sudoku’s, blank notepads for a doodle competition or word bingo where they have to count the number of times a speaker says words like ‘innovation’ or ‘growth’ or ‘strategic’. You can do the activities in a short break or leave them on the table for guests to do in their own time.


Idea 5: The Gift Bag

Who doesn’t love some free stuff? It doesn’t need to be fancy. If your budget allows, pop a couple snacks into a branded gift bag for the guests to eat on the way home. The real kicker here is the handwritten note! Write a brief note for each guest thanking them for taking time out of their day to spend with you at your event, noting that you really appreciate them. This is a sure winner! Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, likes to be seen and heard.


Try out these 5 ideas to make your next event shine! We think, with our 10 years of experience in coffee events, that you’re sure to succeed! Book us for your event by using this link today!

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