6 Ingredients in our Double Shot Experiences

Do you activate at exhibitions?

Are you wondering if our Double Shot experience is what you need? 

Read on! 

Grind Coffee Exhibitions

The Grind Coffee Experience at exhibitions 

If you’ve spent time looking around our Grind site, you can tell we have a serious passion for creating that aaaaahhhh moment at our Grind coffee experiences. We call it the Satisfaction Principle: a special mix of energy and happiness… an unstoppable chemical reaction that people have when drinking our coffee at your exhibitions. And now, we’ll tell you just how we do it!


Ingredient 1: Machines

We have specially chosen the best espresso machinery for use at our mobile coffee bars: Italian Carimali espresso machinery. Our baristas are absolute pro’s with this brand and coffee tastes just that much better with Carimali. Do you know that Carimali have been going since 1919? The brand started in Milan as ‘La Carimali’ almost 100 years ago! You can check out their Instagram page here.



Ingredient 2: Baristas

Skilled and experienced baristas are an essential part of the Grind experience. Our baristas love what they do. Expect cappuccinos, lattes and espressos whipped up with a smile and an engaging flair. We routinely receive client testimonials saying that our baristas add a wonderful energy and vibe to exhibitions.


Ingredient 3: Bars

Want your own branded bar? You got it! And best of all? You can get it with Grind, really fast! We specialize in turning around fully custom-branded bars. Our mobile coffee bar solution is quick to set up in a variety of settings. Chat to us about making your brand pop on the day of your event.


Grind Coffee Exhibitions

Ingredient 4: Java Jackets

What marketer doesn’t dream about putting their brand in their customer’s hand? At a coffee exhibition, you can do just that by using what we like to call ‘java jackets’ or Custom branded cups with sleeves. We help you design the jacket, we handle the printing and voila! Your brand and message are guaranteed to be in the hand of the person you want to reach.


Ingredient 5: Menu’s

Collateral is key for a fully branded event and we offer branded coffee menu options too. Again, we can do the design and the printing! Our 10 year heritage means that we are an experienced customization company and have long-standing relationships with our designers who handle all branding.


Ingredient 6: Ingredients!

A fully branded bar needs to be fully stocked and that’s the last piece of the puzzle we take care of for you. Our final ingredient in the Double Shot Grind Experience is to take care of all stock, ingredients, and consumables required.



When these 6 ingredients come together under our experienced and professional hands, magic happens at your exhibitions. Well, not magic –  but real, personal moments with the people you most want to connect with. Experience The Satisfaction Principle with us at your next coffee exhibition and see for yourself. Book your Double Shot here today!

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