6 Reasons Why Branded Gifts Are A Must-Do At Events

With so many competing brands at events like expo’s and roadshows, you may be wondering if branded gifts for guests is money well spent. From our personal experience, nothing beats the smile on a guest’s face when they are given a delicious, aromatic cup of coffee and take their first sip looking at your brand. But we know it’s not just a smile you’re after! Take a look at these 6 reasons why giving out a thoughtful, relevant, branded gift at events is a good idea.

1. Branded gifts can increase brand awareness

One of the most significant benefits of giving branded gifts is that it increases brand awareness. You want to be top of mind for customers at events – that’s why you’re attending or hosting in the first place! Branded gifts serve as a visual representation of your company, and when attendees receive them, they first become aware of your brand and secondly, become walking advertisements for your brand. The degree of brand awareness you achieve is entirely dependent on the choice of gift you give. Everyone’s giving out pens and lanyards so try stand out with something memorable: a tasty sample or aromatic drink perhaps.

2. They can build memory structures in customers

Giving branded gifts at events is also an effective way to build memory structures in customers so that when they look at or use your gift, they remember your brand. When attendees receive a branded gift that is meaningful and relevant to them – they feel like the company they’re engaging with ‘gets them’ and they remember that brand for delivering an experience of value. Consider the next 2 examples. Company A sells digital marketing software but chooses to hand out branded notebook when their core offering is literally all online and not paper-based at all – leaving consumers with just another notebook that doesn’t mean anything to them! Company B also sells digital software and they decide to hand out branded, wireless chargers – making a clear connection to their product with the gift that customers will remember each time they use it.

3. The right branded gifts can create a lasting impression

Branded gifts also help to create a lasting impression on attendees. A well-designed and thoughtfully chosen gift or experience will be ‘sticky’: meaning, it will be remembered by guests long after the event is over. It’s here, in impression-building that a Grind Coffee experience truly shines. Most events are busy, overwhelming and make guests feel quite tired. When the guests get to this point, a well-timed and delicious cup of coffee gets everyone feeling good again. So when the event is over, guests will think “Wow I was really starting to drift off… Brand X seriously saved the day with their coffees”. This positive impression can increase the likelihood that they will specifically remember your brand when they need a product or service in the future.

4. Thoughtful gifts can demonstrate your company’s values

Branded gifts can also demonstrate your company’s values and personality. The type of gift you choose to give can communicate the values and personality of your company, helping to build a stronger emotional connection with attendees. For example, a company that values sustainability may choose to give eco-friendly gifts, while a company that values innovation may choose to give technology-focused gifts. When a company gifts an experience, like a Grind Coffee experience, they are demonstrating that they care about their attendee’s wellbeing and energy levels – and want to make sure everyone gets the most out of the event activities.

5. Branded gifts are a cost-effective marketing strategy

Branded gifts are also a cost-effective marketing strategy. When compared to other marketing tactics, such as above-the-line advertising or sponsorships, giving branded gifts can be relatively inexpensive. What’s more, gift-giving is a form of direct marketing: meaning you have the unique opportunity to have a face to face conversation with someone rather than relying on digital algorithms.

6. They offer a unique opportunity for engagement

Giving branded gifts at events also offers a unique opportunity for engagement with attendees. You can use the gift-giving opportunity to initiate conversations, ask for feedback, and connect with attendees in a meaningful way. One of the big challenges of events like expo’s is getting a guest to stop and engage with you at your stand. But time and again, we’ve proven that the scent of aromatic coffee and the promise of a hot cup of their favourite drink pulls people in like nothing else.

As the world returns to events like expo’s and roadshows, it’s time to up your game and deliver branded gifts that are memorable, relevant and effective in creating opportunities to talk to your customers. Think about it… is there a better way to have a chat than over a coffee? We don’t think so! View all our Grind coffee experiences here.

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