The 1 Exhibition Tactic That Gets Attendees to Hear Your Message

How many times have you activated at a conference or exhibition?

How much did that exercise cost you? 

And how many leads did you generate from the expense?


We know that if you’ve had to set up at an exhibition or conference, one of your key objectives was to create a stand that generated engagement and leads. We also know that you probably tried everything you could think of to make that happen… possibly without great success. Now, you’re looking at some upcoming events wondering how to make your budget work a little harder for you.


Luckily for you, we’ve decided to share an insider secret with you.


This post will tell you the things that everyone is doing and the 1 thing you need to try at your next event to get maximum engagement from attendees. We’ve been to thousands of events over the last 10 years through our work in mobile coffee catering and branding, event marketing, conferences, and exhibitions. So, we know a thing or two about what makes a person stick around to hear a brand message.

The table-stakes

At events like roadshows and exhibits, there are some things that are simply expected – the table-stakes – that you have to provide in order to compete. See, we’ve noticed that at the exhibitions we’ve attended and serviced, the most popular stands have the following factors baked into them:

  • Freebies: company swag, cheap pens, USB sticks, even suckers in your brand colours…attendees expect gifts
  • Friendly brand ambassadors: even if it’s just you and you’ve been there for 3 days straight
  • Great visuals and easy-to-digest messaging: an absolute necessity

The star attraction

Most people like to fly by the stands, collecting freebies quickly without engaging with the brand at all. This significantly reduces the impact you’re trying to make.


Q: So how do you make your stand popular whilst also encouraging engagement with your brand message?
A: Reward customers with a treat worth waiting for – after they’ve engaged with you.


A treat?




Your potential lead is exhausted. They’ve raced through a maze of stands, jostled through crowds and queued for the bathroom. If you’re going to convince them to stand around and talk to you, you have to offer them something they will consider valuable in that very moment of frustration. Being the pleasure-seeking humans that we are, offering a desirable treat that generates cravings is the best way to do this.


10 years in the biz has taught us a simple truth. Fancy drinks and gourmet snacks aren’t appreciated nearly as much as a hot, well-made, delicious cup of good coffee.



Customers are drawn in by the scent and more than happy to wait the 3 minutes it takes for our baristas to whip up their favourite brew. That’s more than enough time to get your brand message across. Or generate a lead.  Or connect with your customer in a meaningful way.


The best bit?


Your brand will literally be in their hand for the next 10 minutes as they walk around the exhibition.  How? Our branded cup sleeves are totally customizable and offer yet another touch-point to drive your message home.


We know how easy it is for event attendees to be swept up in the excitement of the day – and the rush to see everything might mean they miss your key message. Let us take care of drawing them in so you can take care of talking to them – it’s the Grind Satisfaction Principle at work!


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