The ROI of Coffee?!

Have you ever had to calculate the ROI of coffee? 

It’s a calculation that will change the way you measure the success of your next event.

And one that impacts the way your attendees rate you.

We’d say it’s a pretty important factor to consider! 

When do I need to think about the ROI of coffee?

Picture this: it’s early morning and your full team has arrived for an event that you have been planning for a while.  You are really excited to kick off and…. You discover that your team is less than interested in what you have to say. It’s been a long week (hey, a long year!) and they need an energy boost to get them going. There wasn’t any budget for free gifts and the meeting ends in a really long time. You suddenly realise that all your efforts to make a super cool powerpoint presentation (maybe even some interactive team building exercises) are going to be lost because your team is not going to be focused. It’s a corporate crisis.


Luckily, we want to throw you a lifeboat. We have had 10 years to learn about a magical thing called coffee. And, know that it has an unintended, but wonderful, partner in crime called ROI.


Before we do, answer us this:

  • At your last event, was everyone super-energized the whole time?

  • Were they engaged in your activities? Talking about your content? Sharing insights with each other?

  • Had they stopped listening before you stopped speaking?

  • Did they smile with glee during the day or rather as they left the venue to go home?

Ok, how do I increase the ROI of my coffee?

See, we’ve noticed that something changes in a person after they receive a branded, good quality coffee – aka, a Grind coffee – from an event organizer. There is a sigh… an ‘ahhhh’. And then, they become more energized, engaged and happy.


And when event attendees are having positive experiences – guess what happens? Your investment rapidly pays off as productivity, memorability and positive brand equity shoot up for your brand and business.

It gets even better…

Did you know that the way our brains process the caffeine in a good cup of coffee leaves us with all sorts of positive associations? The high performance brain fuel in high quality coffee leaves us feeling alert, changes our mood, increases our mental performance. Basically, all the positive things you want associated with your brand are delivered in our cups.


We see the impact of our coffee experience so much that we’ve even given it a name. We call it ‘The Satisfaction Principle’ and you can tell when it just isn’t there.


For your next corporate event, think about the ROI you need to achieve. Do you need drawn-out faces, forgotten information, and people distracted and looking at their phones?


Or do you need happy, energized staff who are engaged with your content and making positive contributions to the work?


We do Double Shot or Half Shot (branded or unbranded) specialty coffee bars at events and also offer a Daily Grind solution which is an onsite offering to the customers who love us so much they need us in-house.

Have a look around our site and call us to arrange your booking!

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