Your customers want you to ‘Add Value’ – Here’s how

We often tell our clients that a Grind Coffee Experience adds value to their customers. 

But what does ‘adding value’ actually mean?

And how can you actually do it?

Grind Coffee Add Value

Remembering added value of our own… 

Have you ever had the experience of waiting in a long queue in a stuffy building, with no staff members around to tell you how long the wait will be? You’re hot, late for your next appointment and your phone battery is about to die. Often these experiences have to do with our personal affairs and official documents. We dread these experiences – and have negative connotations of the service providers who make us go through them.

Now think of a time when you were in a decidedly different queue. Perhaps you were lucky enough to be at an airline’s VIP room, waiting area for a delayed flight. You might have been given a comfy seat, something to snack on, perhaps offered some reading material or a charging station for your phone.

Even though both occasions meant waiting for hours with no immediate end in sight – the experience was so different. Why? The brands that offered them had thought through the value-added services they could provide that would cater to your specific needs at a frustrating time. Adding value to your customer is all about understanding first, what your customer really needs at a given time and second, delivering it in a way that only your brand can.

1: Understand what your customer really needs

We’ve said it before and it still holds – customers love free stuff. But don’t just order 1 000 branded pens and expect customers to love you as you hand them out. Google the famous interview question ‘Sell me this pen’ to see exactly how even a pen can only be valuable when you actually KNOW what your customer wants to use it for.

If you’re going to spend money on giving away freebies, ask yourself (or better yet – ask some of your customers) what they would need in the moment they are experiencing your brand. Answers may surprise you! Selling your product at a busy exhibition? Customers may need a tiny break from the chaos. Hosting a 3 day event? Attendees may need a couple energy boosts.

Grind Coffee Experience Add Value

2: Deliver it in a way that only your brand can

Think of your brand as a type of currency: whatever activity you do affects your brand in a positive or negative way. One way to make sure your brand stays in the black is to consistently deliver positive experiences to your customers that they can attribute to you. That means:

  • Showing up with the same look and feel, colours, iconography, tone… every time
  • Having your brand at the centre of a positive experience. Customers need to know that it’s you who is making them feel good
  • Go further to reward the relationship in some way. Simply being present is not enough in an age where customers expect everyone to over-deliver

Grind Coffee Experience Add Value

Adding value doesn’t have to be tough. In fact, in many cases, it can be outsourced. We’ve noticed that a Grind Coffee Experience is perfect for those cases where customers and staff need a break, a re-energising boost or a reward. The best bit? We can brand our coffee bars, menus and cups so that people are experiencing your brand in every sense of the word while the value is added in heaps. Contact us here if you’d like to add some value to your next event.

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